Tuesday, April 6, 2010

★17 絵

I painted pictures again. This time I had a bit of green paint so I used that as well. Though it was thicker than I really wanted. Rather than paint, I find that I prefer working with ink because the color just bleeds onto the paper; which feels appropriate somehow, like an extension of me. But all black is sometimes too dark. There are moments that require splashes of color. If I could find colored ink... Or perhaps I'll try watercolors. Something soft.

Anyway, I think I might have found a new hobby. Pretty exciting, right?!

Recently, I've been thinking that maybe for a while there I was trying too hard to be what I wanted to be rather than what I actually am. So now I'm going through old things and discovering what still fits and what doesn't, and at the same time giving new things a go.

And I love taking pictures.

My step-dad likes photography as well. Someday I'd like to go with him somewhere and spend the day taking pictures.

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