Sunday, July 1, 2012

★28 Insanity

Found out about this online the other day and I've decided to take the CHALLENGE!!!

I've already lost about 6kg but if I want to lose the last few kilos and really get in shape I need to do something dramatic.

So I started today with the Fitness test. It's 60 days. And I was already dying today....

I'm going to record my stats and goals here to hold myself accountable and check in every 2 weeks.

Here goes!

As of 7/1/2012 I am:

53.6 kg or 118lbs

Bust: 88cm
Waist: 67cm
Hips: 84cm
Arms: 29cm
Thighs:  53cm

My goal weight is 50kg or 110lbs.  I want to trim down my arms and thighs, tone my back, and lose inches around my hips and waist.

Wish me luck!

UPDATE (Jan, 2013):

So I completed Month 1 of Insanity in the summer but had to stop because I injured my foot/ankle at work. I managed to get down to 50kg in August though!! Since then I pretty much stopped working out and it's not until recently that my foot has been pain free enough to where I feel it's safe to try heavy exercise again. So I'm going to try again!!!

These are my stats as of 1/31/2013

50.6 kg or 111lbs

Bust: 87cm
Waist: 65cm
Hips: 83cm
Arms: 26cm
Thighs: 50cm

The goal this time around is to trim and tuck and stay healthy by being consistently active. I'm not looking to get ripped so I may just do the first month again and then move on to pilates and other types of workouts. Just heard of Brazil Butt Lift which I reaaaaaaaaally want to try once I get my hands on it.

Here's to health and beauty!

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